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Affiliated with ASTORIA DIALYSIS CENTER  and NEWTOWN DIALYSIS CENTER. Both centers are located in Astoria, New York,  we are 10 min from Manhattan.


NEWTOWN DIALYSIS                  


Management of Acute and Chronic Kidney conditions for patients in the Hospital.

A State of the Art 24 station dialysis facility servicing the local community.

Located in the Heart of Astoria a walking distance from Mt.Sinai Hospital of Queens

HEMODIALYSIS  in center 
or at home
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Hemodialysis is a procedure that cleans and filters your blood. It rids your body of harmful wastes and extra salt and fluids. It also controls blood pressure and helps your body keep the proper balance of chemicals such as potassium, sodium, and chloride.

Peritoneal dialysis is another procedure that replaces the work of your kidneys. It removes extra water, wastes, and chemicals from your body. This type of dialysis uses the lining of your abdomen to filter your blood. This lining is called the peritoneal membrane.

Kidney transplantation is a procedure that places a healthy kidney from another person into your body. This one new kidney does all the work that your two failed kidneys cannot do. 

Ari Kostadaras, M.D.

30-16 30th Drive

Astoria, NY 11102


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